Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What I do for a living

So... On the nights when I'm working, it's not unusual to
see intoxicated people building things out of bottle tops.

Sometimes they need help shooting a game of pool. It
often takes more than one person to fix a game that a
drunk person starts.

I get to train new bartenders. This is Gary. He's my latest
trainee. This was where I was training him to
never back down.

This is how we feel after a night of kareoke. Ready
to kick back and drink our brains out...

It's a very fun job, and I love the fact that we
have a ton of fun on the job. I get paid to play games,
talk to regulars, party with newly 21-year-olds, and
get hit on by almost every guy in town.

Maybe in August I'll be too fond of my job to leave
for boot camp. Buuuuuttt.... I did make a pledge.