Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Day At Our House

Here are some conversation tidbits you would hear if you lived where I do:

Recruit P: Meow.
Rockstar Liz: Meow!
Recruit P: Meow meow!
Angel: Guys, we have cats to do that.
Rockstar Liz: MEOW!!!
Candy Man: WOOF....
Recruit P and Rockstar Liz: (giggles) meow!

Recruit P: Hey, if I make food today will you eat it?!?!
Angel: Yes, thanks
Candy Man: Do we have tooo??
Rockstar Liz: Do you have a pen? I have a pen. Do we have a pen downstairs??
Recruit P: You know what, Aaron? You don't get to eat today!
Angel: There is a pen in the drawer by the fridge, Liz. Cassie, you are crazy.
Rockstar Liz: It's because we have empty stomachs!

Angel and Recruit P: (to the tune of Anchors Aweigh) Dum, dum dum dum dum, da dum, da, da da da dum!!!!
Rockstar Liz: (laughing) You guys are soo cool to be in the Navy
Recruit P: IN the NAVy, IN the NAVy...
Angel: You are SO cool to have friends in the Navy
Recruit P: GO NAVY!!! (fist pump)

Rockstar Liz: Oh my god, that is a HUGE fish!
Recruit P: HUGE!!!
Rockstar Liz: It's like 130lb catfish!!! They could hardly get it in the boat!
Recruit P: That's like a 10 year old catfish.
Rockstar Liz: How do you know, Cassie?
Recruit P: Well, the size. It's probably a bottom dweller.
Rockstar Liz: Well, yeah, it's a catfish, Cassie.
Recruit P: Yeah, well, you know.
Rockstar Liz: (turns computer) See, look at that, can you imagine catching that?
Recruit P: That's a guy.
Rockstar Liz: HAHA NO!!! I do NOT want to catch that guy.
Recruit P: We should go fishing.
Rockstar Liz: Yeah, I don't want to catch that guy, haha...
Candy Man: We should go fishing.
Rockstar Liz: YEAH!!! Except... oh, I left my pole at home...
Angel: You get a line and I'll get a pole, hunny...
Recruit P: Well, none of us have poles.
Rockstar Liz: True...
Recruit P: We could go noodling?
Rockstar Liz: You have to go further down south for that.
Angel: South to TEXAS!!!
Recruit P: No, south to swamps.
Angel: Aww...
Rockstar Liz: Like south to LOUISIANA!!!
Angel: NO!! Not LOUISIANA!!!
Recruit P and Liz: NO!!! Not LOUISIANA!!!
Angel: Alligators!!!

Needless to say, we have the oddest discussions here. Those excerpts were all taken from this morning's interactions. Yup, you wish you lived with us.