Monday, July 19, 2010

... And Then There Were Hoyts

I'm going back to school. Just for a semester, the Navy is actually paying for me to go get a few more classes in! These are my fall classes:

Introduction to Literature-Mr. Harrison (:D)
Medical Terminology (greek and latin!)
Personal Finance
Human Relations (sounds awesome)

These are all gonna be paid for. I'm very excited. Of course, I have an amazing schedule planned for my last fall as a civilian for a while. Here's a sneak peek:

In August, I'm going to Oceans of Fun, getting engagement pictures finally, and having a bridal shower. In September, another bridal shower. In October, getting married, possibly going to Minneapolis, MN to see a close friend, and attending all the kick-@$$ fall stuff, like hayrack rides, pumpkin patch, picking apples, bonfires... I love Autumn!!!

Oh yeah, and November is my birthday. Since I was stuck in a nightmare on my 21st birthday, this will be my 21 Forever party, to celebrate. So it's going to be a big bash. My best friend is turning 21 a few days before me, so I'm taking her with and we are gonna have fun.

I will keep updating on here. Right now, though, it's beautiful and sunny, and I'm going to walk with my roomie. More soon to come!!