Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ode to Father's Day

Hmm... Father's Day.

In the top nation for divorce and illegitimate marriage.

Now, isn't that a little cruel?

This year, over half of the African American children will be fatherless on this day. By fatherless I mean most have never even met their daddies.

Divorce rates are higher than they've ever been-by a landslide.

I don't even know how many dads try to contact their kids, but it's not many.

I never had to worry about it... my father figure was set in stone. I was numb to feelings anyway, so it didn't matter.

Until two years ago. Then I started looking for a reason to celebrate. Since Warren was finally out of my life for good, I realized I don't have a father figure, really... and my biological father has never even met me or attempted to. What did that leave? A sudden vacancy.

Not that I want that vacancy filled. I rather enjoy being tough and not needing a male parent. I'm an adult, I keep telling myself that. haha

Just... every Father's Day, I get a little tug in my heart. That tug worsens into an ache when I log into Facebook and see all of the daddy's girls wishing their fathers the best day ever. I'm happy for them and at the same time mourning my own tragic fatherlessness.

That's the end of this. I refuse to wallow in this feeling...