Friday, June 25, 2010

Anchors Aweigh!!!

Sometimes I get on here and type two sentences, then decide that I have writer's block and give up. Some of my latest false starts have been:

Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once! I make a lot of mistakes. It's a natural part of this trial and error life....

A beer is what I need. Haven't had very many of those. Okay, NEVER, but I am thinking I might need one right now...

Since I have been to MEPS, I haven't had time to tell you about it. Wait. I never told you I was goign to MEPS???

Speaking of MEPS, I'm going to mention it now. It's Military Entrance Processing Station, in Omaha. It is for people entering the Armed Forces. Yeah, that's me!! Soon to be Property of the US Navy!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell you what it was like. I went to take the ASVAB first. That's a fun little test you take to see if you're smart enough for a nuclear job or if you should just be a janitor. You can only score up to 99, and the score means you scored better than that percentage of people who test. So I got an 80, which means I did pretty good. :) Considering I didn't study for it except some stupid reasoning (I would mix the blue nitrogen and the red stuff, cause it would make purple!!) My lowest line score was mechanics-I only got a 38!!!!!!!! Haha

After the ASVAB, I went to a lovely lodge for the night. It was really nice! Live music, a nice bar (although I couldn't drink), a huge pool and spa, and a whole room for MEPS kids. I didn't have anyone with me, so just stayed in my room after supper. Talked to a friend on the phone, read a book, and then went to sleep...

At 5am, I had to go to breakfast. It was wayyy too early for breakfast. But after that we climbed on a bus for MEPS. On the way there, I heard hopeful Marine recruits reading all the road signs out loud. It was boring. So I talked to the girl next to me about tattoos instead.

At MEPS, we were lined up by military branch and sent to physicals. That was probably the most mundane and dreary and uncomfortable part of the ordeal. First thing was an eye exam, followed by a hearing test and pulse. Then we had an hour long briefing, where we were told to TELL THE TRUTH!!! And I did, of course, because that is my nature.

Next came the really bad part. We were told to drink as much as we could for a pee test. I had been drinking all day... and I had to go really bad by 8:30. I had to go talk to the doctor for a private interview, and I bounced in his seat as he quizzed me.

"Why do you want to join the Navy, Angel?"

"Well, I think that it would be a good career, a wonderful chance to have a family in a secure enviroment, make a real difference at work, and financial freedom."

"That's really good! Now. Are you or have you ever been suicidal?"

(blinking) "Um, I think if that were the case... I would have joined the Marines?"

After a bout of hysterical laughter, the doctor took me out to the main room, where he repeated my statement to the entire faculty and they all laughed, even the Marine officers. Then I finally got to pee. I heard that it would be hard to because the lady would watch me. It made no difference. I filled the cup past the line, peed a little more,then turned in my cup and went to the bathroom to go again!

After that we had to strip down to our underwear and do a lot of stretching movements to prove our flexibility. That was no problem at all for me, albeit slightly awkward! But we did great, then it was time to get weighed. "How much do you weigh?" "about 145?" "Okay... step on the scale... oh, 139!" "AWESOME!!!" haha I was happy.

Then I got checked for scars and my tattoo was measured and screened to see if it was a gang sign. Next was the 'woman exam', which went quickly and painlessly. Then the doctor told me that because of my appendectomy, I had to wait until July 10th to be admitted (3 months). This infuriated my recruiter, who had made sure I was approved despite that. But there was no way around it...

Which left blood tests, and I almost passed out, the needle was soooo big!! But then we had lunch and I went home, with my fuming recruiter, in his suave 2010 Malibu. haha yeahh!!

So.. July 10th I will be heading back. And this time I will be enlisted. Anchors Aweigh!!!

Since then I have been busy working, working out, and enjoying my summer! More on that sooooonnn...