Sunday, June 20, 2010

Andrew is Twelve!!!!

Ahh! I love my brother.

Andrew is twelve today. This boy is my boy. I'm sorry.
I can't see him as my mom's, or my step dad's... he's
all mine. When he was 1, he would choose me over
ANYONE in my family to hold him when he was
sick. Even when he barfed all over me.
When I first heard my mom was having a boy, I
cried. I had never cried about a baby before. But I
wasn't sad. I was deliriously happy because I was
finally getting a brother! Andrew was the 'other'
firstborn in my family. His name started with an
A, just like mine. I loved him with my entire
14 -year-old heart.

When he was 19 months old and pulled boiling hot coffee
off a shelf, covering his little body and face in 3rd
degree burns, it was me who stayed with him in the
hospital while my mom cared for 4 girls and another
baby on the way.

This boy is mine because we bonded in a way not
many brothers and sisters do. When his dad left our
house, I was left with a tiny locket and key necklace set
he had given me stating that my heart was his. When
Andrew noticed, he asked if he could have the key. I
knew of no other boy I would rather give it to.

In April I got engaged. When I was thinking about who
would walk me down the aisle,my brother came to mind.
I asked him what job he would like for the wedding, telling
him he could choose whatever he wanted to do. He asked
for time to think. (He's a very mature 12.) A while later, he
asked-he asked!-if he could walk me down the aisle. After
stifling tears that would mortify a little brother with a 'cool'
big sister, I told him I would love for him to give my hand.

And I meant it.

Here's wishing a happy birthday to the best
brother in the entire world!!! Love you Andrew.