Friday, January 1, 2010

Inside My Head, Installment #5

Happy New Year, cause it was better than Christmas!! I got to watch the ball drop, countdown, and celebrate with a lot of happy festive bowlers. I also got paid time and a half to do it. Life is good....

School is a distant, distasteful memory. I don't want to go back. I am not looking forward to once again mingling with the college drama queens who were once high school plastics, made much worse when ripening into adulthood. Ugh. The immaturity of those girls...makes me want to puke a little. It was easier when I was a quiet, easygoing girl. But now I am a little bolder, and I want to put her in her place. Should I?

Pajamas at Walmart-full sets-were $2 apiece today. NICE ones too. I got a couple. Then I felt guilty because last night I spent $35 at Maurice's. And I'm supposed to be frugal and stuff. But then I got to thinking about WHY I bought what I did. And my conclusion is that I bought that stuff because there was a serious sale at both stores. Not like a 50% off sale, or something that happens a lot. Maurice's had almost ALL their clothes for $3-5. And so for me to get 7 shirts that I've wanted for 6 months is a great, not-so-hasty deal. And then pajamas are something I really needed. So I really was very wise.

I have a fear of having that consumer disorder. Where in times of great stress, people max out their credit card buying meaningless stuff. I don't know why I'm scared of it. But some people are scared of developing Turrets. I'm scared of becoming a shopoholic. Wow. The irony? I'm a super frugal person. HAha.

My boyfriend is playing video games like there is no tomorrow. Silly boy. What he doesn't know is that tomorrow is very inniment, and in fact upon us as I write. Aaron is a little bit of a gamer. Some guys get annoyed by that, but I don't mind, except when he ignores me for days to play games and then insists it was because I was on the computer all the time! Jeez.

My kitten is now Aaron's cat. She doubled in size, and she took to Aaron like most girls take after Edward or Jacob. She thinks that her place is on his chest. If he and I are together, she is in between us. I'm starting to think that Aaron's brilliant father devised a way to instill a purity system inside of her. Either that or she's jealous of what we have....

I'm off to listen to Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah about 3 times before I go to sleep. This is my new habit. :) Night, all.


Grace said...

I'm with you on the not wanting to back to uni/ uni being filled with dramatastic kiddies thing. Its just so hard to relate some times. And oh God, when you're with them for group work. It hurts.

The kitty probably wants what you have :P I seriously reckon animals can feel the love/ nice energy and they want to get as close as they can to it.

Happy New Year/ Decade!!!