Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten Best Memories From the Summer of 2009!!!

I have 2 Number 1s!!! Just cause summer was that great!

This was Aaron and my first period of time
together away from school. LOVED it.

Boating at the lake-we did a lot of that,
and I loved going with Em cause we
always tube together!

Interview number 2. That was fun...
I like everything except the mics, those

The Carnival... I got sick on the rides,
but I got a darn cute toy out of the
whole thing! Aaron won it.

Island Oasis in Grand Island... I enjoyed the
Lazy River...
Aaron rather enjoyed the more
daring features like the HUGE slide!

The lake nearby was a great place to hang
out, and we spent a lot of time on the beach.

Mammoth Caves in Kentucky-That had
to be one of my best vacations!!
We went almost 300 ft underground! SO amazing
and stunningly beautiful.


Spent a lot of time getting to know my
'other family'-pretty darn cool!

I found my way back to Tennessee...
I can't lie, Nashville will always hold a
very dear place in my heart.

After patiently waiting forever, I finally
got my beautiful boots!!

OTHER #1!!!
First Motorcycle ride!!! That was amazing and AWESOME.