Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Of Mudslides And Time-Outs.

Since I am now about as bored as I can get all summer, I'm going to give away 10 random facts about me that hopefully you didn't know.

1. I was almost four when my mom married her second husband. Mom was twenty-three. I ran around at the reception singing, "I'm four now, I'm fooour" trying to trick my cousin into thinking I really was four. I was unsuccessful.

2. My biggest moment in the spotlight came when I was about five. I was very vocal and I got to talk to a whole college class about the Bible. What a whiz kid, right?

3. As our new house was being built in Norfolk, Nebraska, I put my favorite doll into time-out in a closet there. And left her until she learned her lesson-somewhere around three weeks later. She has not misbehaved since.

4. Once upon a time at VBS, I won a huge tootsie roll for being the best behaved during the Bible story. I remember specifically turning around to watch the 'judge'-a girl around 17-and smiling at her a LOT to gain her affection. This was at the same VBS where I told the pastor I had brought three friends so I could win lots of free stuff-ice cream, toys, gift certificates-and I had not, in fact, invited anyone. Can anyone say, 'fallen angel'?

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5. Until I was seven years old, I was absolutely terrified of water and refused to go into showers. I screamed bloddy murder whenever I got my hair washed, and I still hate large bodies of water.

6. When I was probably twelve, I convinced my cousins that building a waterpark in my backyard would be genius. We decided mom's newly landscaped lawn would be the perfect place to build a mudslide. It was a blast for about half an hour, I guess-till we got caught. (remember that, mom?!?)

7. My first great venture into the world began when I was seventeen. I went to Nashville to study music with the Gaithers-my three favorite things in the world. And my parents wondered why I didn't what to come back!!!?

8. I loathed the idea of college, which is now the best time of my life so far. I originally went to study music again, but opted for Early Childhood Education, considered studying Criminal Justice, English, and Culinary Arts, and settled for my generals. I will be the first in my family to graduate college.

9. On my first date with my first real boyfriend, we went ding-dong ditching. We went to three houses and then saw a cop. She asked us if we had seen any kids around, and I nervously emphasized that we were MATURE college students. Guess the angel in me stood out to her, cause we got away with it. (Never done it since, by the way.)

10. My goal for the next year is to go to Nashville to visit. By 2012, I will have gone to Ireland. My philosophy is that to live is the best thing I can do now, because living is all that really counts or will be remembered.