Monday, May 25, 2009

Eye Candy

My Favorite things...
Which there are PLENTY of. :)

Lilacs are my favorite flower.

Nashville happens to be one of my favorite
USA cities.

My beautiful puppy in Nashville
was a Blue Merle Australian
Shepherd. I LOVED her.

The kind of car I would love
to own. 1957 Thunderbird...

So yes, I really like Owen's voice, and his
looks just add to my enjoyment!

Favorite picture ever taken with me in it...

And this is where I plan to vacation in the
next couple of years.

And of course, the man who stole
my heart... I guess my first crush
was on Mr. Jackman. :)

Actually, not sure who this is or
why it's on here. ????

Favorite footwear. This is the pair of
boots I have wanted for about 2 years...

Baby feet are my favorite things in the world!
Can't wait to have my own baby with feet to love!


Holly said...

Aww! Those baby feet as so cute! :O