Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Inside My Head, Installment #7

The snow is beginning to wear my eyes out. Harsh white glare wherever I look...not fun!! It's a good thing it's February...

I am addicted to love and chocolate and soft fuzzy bears. So... Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday!! Time to celebrate the invention of romance. Even when I didn't have a relationship, I loved Vday. And I actually embrace the commercialism of this holiday. To an extent. So everyone grab your hearts and Ghiradelli's and say it with me: "All we need is love..."

Today my friend Liz and I did something we've planned on doing for weeks. We have a class together at noon. So we watched the clock in our previous classes, and at 11:45 exactly we began chugging down Red Bulls. Then we charged, pawing and snorting, towards our English building, arriving 2 minutes ahead of schedule. We proceeded to bounce up and down in our chairs, whispering fairly noisily, giggling ever so softly, and vibrating our entire desks with energy. Our teacher and the classroom seemed to move in extra slow motion. What a FUN experiment!! We decided that next week we are going to chug this other drink that makes time in our heads slow way down. We want to see if it will look like the teacher is running when we are under the influence of that particular drink. Awesome!!!

I got stitches yesterday. I gouged my arm with some rusty old tools on accident. What struck me as bizarre was that the actual injury barely hurt-just made me nauseus-while the tetanus shot was brutal. I feel like I got slugged with a baseball bat right in my arm. Ouch. Oh, the joy of being accident prone and absent minded! One thought struck me as I sat in the ER, waited on by a nurse, student nurse, doctor, and EMT for a jagged cut and some abrasions. That thought was for the thousands of victims in Haiti. There is about 1 doctor for every 2,000 patients right now. The supplies are so low they are forced to do the bare minimum and hope the patient survives. There are 3-5 people per cot in the makeshift hospitals. People are dying from lack of care, dehydration, and massive injuries. Thanks to the powers that be for the comfort and care we recieve for miniscule injuries in the USA.

Choir was cancelled today. Maybe I'll get extra time to sleep and scrapbook!!! Oh joy. Tonight I have the usual TKD session, followed by the thrilling game of Cosmic Bingo. The prizes tonight are various groceries and toiletries. YAY!!! I plan to win some stuff. :) We have plenty of use for all the resources being offered. Our house is great fun to live with, supplies are the only thing we cringe at getting sometimes. It gets a little costly living on your own! Not terrible, though. I actually have enough money to switch to unlimited texting on my cell! This is a stroke of luck, I am AWFUL at keeping it to 1000 per month!

The word of the day, brought to you by Angel and Heather, is 'moist'. What a nasty word!! Ew. I think tomorrow's word should be 'Tetanus'. What say you, reader???

The thought for today? I don't know. I suppose it should be about debt. Lots and lots of money is owed to China thanks to our love for comfort and instant gratification. So what is China doing? Are they going broke while waiting for us to pay them? Apparantly we are doing pretty good. Right now we are 11th on the list of highest debts owed to China. So we can relax, knowing that we don't really need to pay up-yet! Go us!!