Thursday, August 27, 2009

Go Hawks...

Yup yup, back to school. I have wanted to post pictures, but I don't have much internet access. So I decided to wait on pictures. But hey, you shouldn't have to suffer (my avid readers, all 2 of you, I'm sure) so I'm going to update anyway, with pictures to follow.

I went camping during my last week of summer. It was amazing. My favorite peoples were pretty much all there. Marlee came for one day, but we had more fun that day-or night, rather- than the whole rest of the week! Dean was there, which is good. I love my big bro...and my sister Berea was there the whole time too. :) And then my Em Sanders and Kolbo kicked it with us for a day. We boated, set up tents, cooked out, got leaked on in tents, bought new tents, swam, and genereally had a blast. I got 64 bug bites total.

Then I came to Norfolk. I think I have a job possibly, at Culver's. And then I am a work study for Dr. Boullion again. She's my caring mama teacher. I also have 3 non-music classes. They are: Geography, History, and Biology. Strangely enough, Biology is turning out to be my favorite subject. It's the teacher, Mr. Batt, who is hilarious. He likes to show us the most disgusting pictures he can find. He calls males 'egg chasers' cause of their testosterone! hehe.

So, my biggest change at school...the beds are 6 feet off the floor. No, I'm not exaggerating. I measured. So I have a small panic attack almost every time I roll over. But it leaves more space on the floor for my desk and dresser and crap. :) I finally got the roomate I tried to room with for 3 semesters. And we are having fun hanging out all the time. And did I mention Berea is in the dorms too? Haha Bennetts are ruling NECC!!!

I have decided to get involved in extracurriculers so I have a little more of a life. Yes that's right, I felt like I had no life outside of class. So I am now on the Student Activities Council. That's fun. We have been busy with welcome back parties. My favorite was Cosmic Bingo!!! And then I also am back in Taekwondo. There is something very satisfying in being able to beat people up. haha! I was not so thrilled to find myself growing more stiff and sore all day yesterday. I could hardly move. I guess I was out of shape! Now I'm going back tonight, so I can punish my body a little more for the weekend.

That's all for now! L8r, minions...
Angel Renee