Thursday, August 6, 2009

For my Sister...

You build unbreakable walls
So no one can ever hurt you
But I run hard into the walls you use to hide
You run away
So far away that I can't find you
So scared of everyone you leave them all outside
Cold and alone

You push away the people
Who get too close for comfort
And then you stab them if they try to be your friend
Trying to take control
Of every relationship you encounter
And doing nothing but hurting us in the end
Like we're decoys

But maybe you should trust
The friend you've known forever
Might be the one to help your dreams come true
If that friend is your sister
And she's been with you through life
Never backing out or letting go of you
Always holding on

I know what you've been through
Remember I was there as well
I shared the life that tore you up so bad
I know just what your feeling
And I know you don't want help
But I can't stop remembering what we had
As a Team

When we shared everything
It helped us both to cope
You and I, we pulled through a lot together
You say you want to be alone
But it's hurting you as well as me
I thought we would be inseperable forever
We were meant to be

And every time I run to you
And hit your wall of doubt
I hear you cry and I can't hide the pain
So why not let me in a little?
Give 'us' a chance to win
Just trust me and we could be best friends again...
The good life=together.