Friday, March 16, 2012


His piercing blue eyes smile. Yes, eyes can actually laugh, and his do, as he makes a joke I'd love to roll my eyes at but I don't. As his arms encircle my body, his soft baritone voice assures me that I have his full affections, and perhaps always will.

Sometimes I think about all the girls he used to date, and I wonder how he slipped through all those adolescent fingers, until he came to mine. I brush my hands through his hair, and I'm glad that it's my privilege to hold him, to claim this amazing man as mine. Somehow, by a genius stroke of luck, I got the best gift life could offer me. In our mid twenties, it's a bit rare to find such a perfect match. I'd think all the good, handsome men would be snapped up quickly. But here I am, looking at the best of them all, inside and out.

When we first talked, it was with trepidation. I had meet him before. Tall, striking and quiet, my first impression of him was that he was sullen and proud. His lip ring and gauges made him look like a rebel sailor. He even grew his hair a little long and spiked it, something Navy men don't do. I was charmed, but not in the mood for a relationship, and pretty sure he was very taken.

But nope! He turned out to be interested in me, a thought I could hardly fathom. I don't see a lot of guys whose looks impress me, and the ones I do are often arrogant and rarely possess a good personality.

A good persona is definitely what he has. His compliments are many and sincere. My absolute favorite quality of his is that he can make me laugh when I'm set on having a low mood. If I'm anxious or embarrassed, he can put me at ease naturally, I'm a way no one has ever been able to. And he devotes generous, sweet words and gestures to me every day.

I realize some people aren't going to be impressed. But it's not necessary to post about it here. Because I'm not going to listen. I know I said kind things about other guys on this blog, and made it sound like things were great. But I was never so sure as I am now that I'm in the company of the man who is my near perfect match.

We like to stay up and watch seasons of 24. We cook amazing meals together. On nice days, we walk for miles and talk about our goals. Sometimes we just go on adventures. He works on our cars, and talks pretty constantly about the Mazda 3 that he wants to trade his mustang in for, one day. At night, we whisper about K.R.M. And sometimes, we hold each other as tightly as we can and hope that we'll never have to let go.

Yup, 2012 is my lucky year. The year that is changing my life from an average struggle to a beautiful adventure that I don't want to ever end.

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