Saturday, March 17, 2012

Completing the Puzzle

When the pieces

Came together, that last stubborn cardboard tease

Fell into place with a smug click

Smirking, "took you long enough

To find me"

I was awestruck.

I shook my head,

Barely able to believe

All the time spent, made me lose sight

Of the bigger picture

Caught up in sorting each scenario

Inside the entire scene.

But now it's there,

And I see the outcome

Of the endless task I undertook

And it has an end,

May have taken a while to get here

All the more reason to celebrate.

I gently glue

All the pieces into a frame

Mentally name this project

"A Season of Joyful Tragedy"

Hang it on the wall of learned lessons

And dive in on the next puzzle.

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