Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dance, Listen, Stand, Live.

Deep into the shadows of the night, you pull the melody
from my heart, reunite it with my feet. We twirl and
spin on the dance floor, keeping time with the beat. With
your head thrown back, singing at the top of your voice,
I feel as content as I will be. You start the spark that
lights a fierce, joyous fire within me, and I remember
how to love as easily as breathing air. And we dance.

No one sees me but only you, watching even when
twilight fades to a starry black. I build a wall around
to protect myself, but you reach in gently, pull me
out before my tears of loneliness fall. As my world
crumbles into a desolate wasteland, you hold me
and remind me that I am not abandoned. When
I'm finally ready to talk, you listen.

I stand strong in the darkness, encased in an armor of
pretense. I declare to the world my capability to remain
staunch in battle. I fear no one, I am proud and undefeated.
And yet beneath the confidence I wear, a child is crying in
fear. I cannot expect to keep my pose of strength, and
eventually my knees buckle. But somehow you are there,
supporting me. You lift me up almost imperceptibly, so no
one else sees my weakness, no one but you. With your help shake it
off, the trembling ceases, and I stand.

You tell me, "This would be my heartbeat if I ever lost
you. ^^^---^---------------". And I understand. To die
would be to lose all the beautiful memories, to erase
every Kodak moment we have created. Within you
and me lie the ingredients to hope, strength, and family.
I may be fatherless, I may lack a mother, but I have you.
For as long as I can dance in the arms of my sensitive, strong
brother, I will live.


Berea Bennett said...

wow that was so unbelievable touching. your so lucky. love you

Anonymous said...

thanks angel

I love you too <3