Friday, June 5, 2009

It's A Job

Yup... There you got it... I'm a telemarketer now.

Q: How did I get this job?
A: I became desperate.

Q: Will it be worth it?
A: Let's see...$11.50 an hour, full time, M-F 8-4:30... yeah.

Q: What in the world do I sell, anyway?
A: Insurance, actually. I work on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank.

Q: Am I good at it?
A: Yes. Am I not good at anything? lol

Q: Do I like it?
A: Haven't decided yet.

Q: Do I know what you're going to say next?
A: sigh... yes, and I won't call you, I promise.


Dawn Marie said...

Phone work is how I actually got into insurance. I first got my license at 19, and now I am an Aflac agent (yes, I would be HAPPY to quack for you!). It is not ALL bad. One day we called somewhere and happened to get a woman who was having a stroke. The rep kept her on the line while the supervisor called authorities in the area. We saved her life! So you never know!