Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hello everyone, I'm sure almost all of you know me by now but I will introduce myself anyway. My name is Aaron, Angel's Husband. Until angel gets out of boot camp i will have control over her blog and I will keep everyone updated on how she is doing and how I am faring as well. I will also put on some of my own ideas and thoughts. Do not think I will be telling my side of the story on the situation that I am most certain most of you can recall. I will try my best to steer away from it so that I do not add any more confusion or drama. I am merely a fill in while the wife is away. Now I will tell you how I am doing.

Monday I took angel to Omaha and we checked into our hotel. She had to stay in a room with a roommate that the navy paid for while I bunked with Ed's family in a separate room. We said our Goodbyes for the night about 9:30 p.m. It was a tough night because the thought of not being able to see my beautiful wife and best friend for month was hard to imagine. I got onto the computer and talked with friends to try to keep my mind busy. It worked rather well. The next day I got up and got ready and went down to the MEPS station in time to be able to watch her swear in. Then I hung out there until she got loaded up and shipped off to the airport. We hung out there and messed around on the computer and we were about to say our final goodbyes when we looked at the screen and saw that the flight had been delayed for an hour. We were happy that we got to see each other longer but its one of those things where we were preparing ourself for it and it got pushed off for awhile. So we ended up buying a movie and watched almost all of it before she left. I said my final goodbye before she left and it was hard. I had to hold back my tears while I murmured a goodbye and I love you. I could tell she was having problems with it too. She walked away and I walked away and I turned around and I saw her fellow navy recruit put her arm around her so I could tell she was having a hard time with it. I could ramble on more but the rest is just mundane stuff.

I knew it would be hard emotionally departing my loved one. But I did not think past that. That's what you hear about when you think of people getting deployed or going to boot camp. You think of the emotional. The problem with being a guy and your wife going into the military is that you can not be there for her when she is having a rough time. You can't give her a hug and tell her its going to be alright. I can't just run her a hot bubble bath and light her some tea candles and tell her to go relax. I absolutely hate it because now I feel like I need to nurture something. Now that she is gone I see it a lot more clearly how we balanced each other out. She may have been the "head of the household" and told me that things needed done but I was able to calm her down after a bad day or help her run her errands. Now I finally see what a marriage is supposed to be like and I think I knew it all along but now I think I can for sure say that I have a great marriage.

Well I am not going to sleep in my bed tonight. I can't even hardly go into the room without getting emotional. The couch looks the comfiest at the moment. Well goodnight all and I hope I didn't ramble too much on here. I get told that I do that a lot.


Anne said...

Nice to meet you, Aaron!! (((hugs))) I can't imagine being away from my husband for so long. You all are brave!

I'm glad you're writing on here too! I hope it gets easier for you...and I know your relationship will be stronger when you get back together!

Amity said...
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Angel Renee said...

Thank you. It does help hearing the positive reinforcement from the readers. It will get easier. I have my friends and fellow employees at work helping me. I am glad I have their support and soon I will be able to mail her. I am looking forward to that.

Anne said...

Hey how's everything going? Have you heard from Angel?