Saturday, August 8, 2009


So I'm pretty sure yesterday was one of the best days I've had all summer. It started off being my first day off the job, so I slept in till ten, which was fun in and of itself. And then I went upstairs and read a book...all the way through, as Aaron played video games. That was just the beginning!

By afternoon, we were ready to move around, so we went scrounging for cake mix. Angel food cake...that's always a challenge. At least, I made it once before, and it was kind of a flop. So I attempted again, careful to follow directions exactly, and it came out looking PERFECT!!! SO good when we added whipped (HWIPPED) cream and strawberries.

Next, we took off for the lake, just to see if the site we want for next week has bathrooms nearby. Sorry to say we never got that done. We saw the beautiful, calm water, and we had to go in. And then we were in the lake for nearly 2 hours! Aaron was having a blast digging holes with his feet (I know, he's odd) and I was working on getting comfortable in deep water. Then we started this activity where Aaron sank to the bottom of the lake, and I climbed on his shoulders. Then he would shoot up out of the water, and I would (attempt to) stand up and cannonball into the water. We probably looked funny, but it was entertaining.

Once we got out of the lake, it was six thirty and we were hungry. So we raced home to change. I got to wear a lovely new dress mom gave me (Thanks mom!). We then went to a Chinese buffet to eat a scrumptious supper. After which we went to the store and got bread, went to another, smaller pond in town, and fed the little ducks. One duck had 12 ducklings and a huge goose following her everywhere.

Sounds great, huh? That was my near perfect day. Unfortunately evening brought some very frustrating moments. I feel kind of like that's a repeating theme in my life-every good day ends badly. However, I'm feeling mush better reflecting on how good yesterDAY was. Hope we can have a few more before summer ends!!! Next time I'll get pictures, I promise.